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3 Ways to Conquer Cleaning

Conquer Cleaning

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3 Ways to Conquer Cleaning

One common thread that runs throughout motherhood is there never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. The constant demands of raising our children oftentimes leave many items on our to-do list unchecked, including housework. Toys, clutter, laundry, and other chores quickly pile up, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and at a loss of where to start. A cluttered and disorganized home became a great source of stress for me, so I began looking for ways to incorporate cleaning into more manageable time chunks.

Schedule a Time Each Day to Clean

We all have a certain time of day when there are fewer distractions and we can be more productive.  For some it may be early mornings. For others it could be during nap time, while the kids are in school, the evenings when your spouse is home, or at night when the kids are in bed.

What Time Works Best For You?

Only you can determine what time works best for you. Take a look at your day and see where you can consistently allot time for cleaning, and write it down! I find that if I have a clear plan for how I want to spend my time, I am much more productive. This can work for your entire to do list, not just for housework.

What if I Don’t Have Free Time to Devote to Cleaning?

I know that as a mama, setting aside distraction free time may not always be possible, especially with small children. I have been there, and it can make it very difficult to stick to a schedule. For those times, I recommend finding activities that can keep your children engaged and entertained. If you would like some ideas, check out my post How to Engage and Entertain Your Little Ones.

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Follow a Cleaning Schedule

I am a planner by nature, so creating a list made me feel so much better about my days and getting things accomplished. I wrote down everything that needed to be done and divided it by each day of the work week to make my list more manageable. Once I had a plan, I could wake up early and complete my tasks efficiently.

How Do I Create a Cleaning Schedule?

To create my cleaning schedule, I decided to focus on one area of the home each day:

  • Monday: Living Room/Office/Den
  • Tuesday: Bedrooms
  • Wednesday: Kitchen
  • Thursday: Bathrooms
  • Friday: Planning Day

I also made a list of things that needed attention daily, such as making beds and washing dishes.  Seeing my once daunting cleaning to-do list broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks relieved a great deal of stress. And once into practice, I could have a clean house with just a little work each day of the week.

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Choose One Area to Deep Clean Every Week

How to Incorporate Deep Cleaning into Your Schedule

In addition to daily cleaning tasks, there are times when certain parts of the home need a deep cleaning. In my Daily Cleaning Schedule, I have made a list of eight areas that should be cleaned once a month. My goal is to focus on two of these tasks every week to ensure that all areas of the home are properly cleaned.

Other Tips for Increasing Productivity

I like to end my day like I begin it, which means I want to wake up to a mess free home. This is easily accomplished by taking a little time before bed to pick up toys, shoes, clothing, and other clutter that has piled up through the day. If your children are old enough to help, get them involved in picking up to save even more time. By taking a few extra minutes at night, I can begin focused on my to-do list for that day and not the things left undone from the day before.

If you found this information helpful or have other cleaning tips to share, I’d love to hear from you! You can also connect with me on Social Media.

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16 thoughts on “3 Ways to Conquer Cleaning

  1. I don’t have kids, but do have a chronic illness that makes it difficult to have the energy and ability to clean regularly—this post helps, so thank you for that!

  2. This is awesome. I’m always struggling with cleaning my house with 2 little ones. I always feel as soon as I get one room cleaned its dirty in 20 minutes. I love the idea of finding things to occupy them and to deep clean one room every week. I’m always stressing about getting it all done at once, but this post assures me its okay and to plan ahead and take one thing at a time.

  3. I would love to try doing one room a day! But I spend ALL day Saturday’s cleaning and doing laundry, and then I’m way too tired to go out! But these tips are great!

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