30 Ways You Can Show Gratitude Every Day


30 Ways You Can Show Gratitude Every Day

In last week’s post The Benefits of Showing More Gratitude, I discussed why we should be living a life full of gratitude and how it impacts our outlook on life and our health. Practicing gratitude regularly is the key to appreciating what you’ve been given and what you’ve accomplished, while looking ahead to your goals for the future. This week, I’m going to share 30 ways you can show gratitude every day. As you continue reading, I encourage you to write down the ideas that speak to you. Then incorporate them into your day and watch how showing more gratitude can change your life for the better.

30 Ways to Show Gratitude

Begin With These

Write It Down

Number one on my list is to regularly write down the things you are grateful for. If we will take a few moments to write down the positive things from our day, we will go to bed focused on the good in our lives instead of the negative. If you are having a particularly bad day, I suggest going back and revisiting what you’ve written down from other moments to remind yourself that not all days are like this. It can help boost your mood. Use these questions to get you started:

  1. Who are you thankful for and why?
  2. What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  3. What special talents and skills do you possess?
  4. What are your most prized possessions?
  5. What are 3 things from today you are grateful for?

Be sure to join my 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge at the bottom of this post for more thought-provoking prompts!

Practice Self-Love and Self-Care

As moms, we tend to feel guilty when we take some time for ourselves. But why? Part of being more grateful is cherishing our unique gifts, abilities, and who we are as a person. And that means taking good care of what we’ve been given: our mind, body, and spirit. Life is much more enjoyable when we take the time to do the things we love and follow our passions. When we have more joy, we can to pass it on to those we love.

Here are a few ideas for practicing self-care:

  1. Read an inspiring book
  2. Take a walk
  3. Get a massage
  4. Go out with your friends
  5. Take a hot bath
  6. Practice Yoga
  7. Listen to your favorite music
  8. Take a nap
  9. Bake your favorite dessert
  10. Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting

Turn Your Focus Outward

Express Gratitude to Others

After you’ve learned to have a more grateful attitude towards yourself, you can turn your focus to others. Think about the people in your life: your family, friends, spouse, co-workers, boss, and so on.  What have they done for you? How do they impact your life in a positive way? Once you’ve answered these questions, I challenge you to share your thoughts with them. There is no better way to show gratitude than to uplift and encourage others, especially those we love.

How to Show Gratitude Towards Others
  1. Give Your Time – Show others you care by actively listening to what they have to say and spend quality time with them by doing something together that they love, with no distractions.
  2. Show Appreciation – Give specific examples of the things they’ve done or said that you are grateful for.
  3. Be Thoughtful of Others – Be mindful of how your decisions affect others. Consider their feelings before you speak or take action.
  4. Extend Grace – We are not always going to agree with the behaviors of others. They will make bad choices and wrong decisions from time to time. It is important extend grace, when possible, because we all make mistakes.
  5. Show Affection – Affection is an important part of relationships, especially with our little ones. Holding and hugging them helps them feel safe and secure in our love for them. Regular affection also keeps us connected with our spouse.
  6. Celebrate Achievements – Offer sincere congratulations to those who have achieved something, even if you are not the winner. Give specific praise to your children and loved ones for their accomplishments to boost their confidence and self-esteem.
  7. Give Small, Thoughtful Gifts – Find a small gift your loved one would like? Give it to them to show you are thinking about them.
  8. Write a Note – A hand written note expressing gratitude to someone can be a very thoughtful gesture. It shows that you care and appreciate them.
  9. Support Others – Help those in need by giving your time and resources. Be someone they can rely on for support during difficult situations.
  10. Random Acts of Kindness – Go out of your way to do something nice for a complete stranger, such as paying for their meal or coffee.
  11. Tip Well for Good Service – When someone gives you good service, be sure to tip them well to show them how much they are appreciated.
  12. Donate to a Charity – Give to those in need by supporting local charities in your community.
  13. Smile – Something as simple as a smile will instantly make you feel better, as well as those around you.
  14. Say Thank You – Saying thank you shows appreciation to those who’ve done something for you, big or small.
  15. Visit With the Sick and Elderly  – Spend some time visiting those who may not have anyone else in their life. You could really brighten someone’s day.

What are your favorite ways to practice gratitude? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Have you joined my 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge yet? If not, you can join below! It starts November 14th.

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35 thoughts on “30 Ways You Can Show Gratitude Every Day

  1. Isn’t if funny that when we turn our focus outward (in other words we STOP thinking about our happiness) that’s when we feel fulfilled the most? Giving really IS better than receiving!

    1. Thanks for this article, it offered me some great insights! I especially liked the little things you can do regarding self-care. I just published a post about that, since it is something I would like to focus on a bit more. The combination with gratitude is perfect, in my opinion!

  2. I’ve decided to really focus more on expressing my gratitude to others each and every day. With so many fun and creative ways to do so, there really is no excuse for me not too, right?! Let the gratitude fun begin!

  3. I’ve been writing one thing down every day and it has drastically helped to change my perspective. As cliche as it is, it’s helped me see how full my cup is – rather than focusing on the tiny bit at the top!

    I am going to take your advice of expressing gratitude to others, too!

  4. I’ve been writing down things I’ve been grateful for and it seriously makes me feel better knowing that I have those things that I am grateful for in my life. Next step is to go out and walk often while listening to my favourite music <3 🙂

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