5 of The Best Educational Websites for Children

5 of The Best Educational Websites for Children

As a former classroom teacher, I can attest to the fact that websites are becoming an important part of our children’s education. There are so many websites that offer fun ways to teach the foundational skills children need to succeed. The great thing about online educational practice is that it can also be accessed at home. Here are five of the best sites I’ve used in my classroom and with my own children at home.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is a great site for children learning basic skills. There are games, puzzles, books, songs, art, as well as other activities to help students learn reading and math skills, and about the world around them.  An individual learning path is also available for each child where they can progress at their own pace. If you are a teacher, ABC mouse can be accessed in the classroom or at your home for free. There is a yearly fee for parents who are not educators. If you would like to learn more about ABC mouse, please visit their site at http://www.abcmouse.com


Starfall is another website where children can practice educational skills. There are interactive activities, songs, and printables for phonics, reading, and math skills through first grade, and select math practice for second grade students. There are also fun holiday themed activities that your children will enjoy. A free version of Starfall is available, as well as an expanded paid version at a very affordable fee of $35 a year. You can also browse their store for curriculum products, books, practice books, home school and classroom kits, as well as other teaching tools for use at home or in your classroom. You can access this site here.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a full curriculum that teaches your child the phonics and literacy skills they need to become successful readers. Your child will complete lessons designed to help their reading skills progress in a particular order. They will also complete quizzes at certain intervals to ensure they have mastered the content they’ve been taught, and their results are emailed to you, the parent. This site offers a more advance program for older children called Reading Eggspress, and also Reading Eggs Junior, a program for younger children ages 2-4.


Mathseeds is a full math curriculum offered on the same site as Reading Eggs. Your child will complete lessons that teach numbers, shapes, addition, subtraction, as well as many other math skills in a specific order that gradually increases in difficulty. Like Reading Eggs, Mathseeds gives quizzes at certain intervals to check their understanding, and again, you will receive an email showing their progress. You can purchase Reading Eggs and Mathseeds separately, or together for a better price. As someone who has used both of these programs in my classroom and at home with my five-year old, I believe they are worth the money.  If you would like to know more about these programs, visit their site here and sign up for a free trial.


When I worked in the classroom, I LOVED using GoNoodle for brain breaks and transitions into a new activity. This site has tons of silly songs and physical activities to get your child up and moving. Your children can practice skills while being active, or just use up some energy on a rainy day. The best part is that it’s FREE for school or for your home. You can create your account here.

If you would like a complete list fun educational websites that are free, please subscribe to my blog, then check out this list!

I hope you and your child find these sites useful for fun learning experiences. If you visit these websites, I’d love to know what you think! Or if there are other educational sites you’ve found I’d love to know about those too! Please comment below.

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19 thoughts on “5 of The Best Educational Websites for Children

  1. I was just looking for some websites for my first grader to use…I am not familiar with some of these so I’m so psyched to find your list! Thank you!

  2. My trouble with pretty much eevery educational thing I have ever tried out is that my kids focus on the non-educational game part. Either songs, or washing the ‘pet’ or whatever. My son would do the same puzzle 800 times on ABC mouse and didn’t learn anything!

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