5 Ways to Encourage Smart Study Habits in Children

For your child to reach their full academic potential and to advance and be as successful as possible at school, they need to form good study habits. However, they might not know how to do that on their own, which is where you come in. Here are five ways to help your child create effective study habits.

Now that the new school year is in full swing, it is very important to help your child develop strong study habits, so they have a successful school year. Here are 5 ways to encourage smart study habits in your children. #learningactivities #studyhabits #education #backtoschool

5 Ways to Encourage Smart Study Habits in Children

Guest Post Claire Adams

1. Create a routine

When it comes to habits, the first step towards forming them is creating a steady study routine. This means that you should teach your child to study at the same time every day, and if this isn’t possible, create a weekly schedule your child can stick to. If your child needs a break after a while, include the break in the schedule. That way the child won’t take longer breaks than necessary. Other than the break, you can put a snack or some short play time in the schedule as well.

2. Find an appropriate study location

Just like you help them set a study timetable, you should also help your child find a place where they can study most effectively. It should be a place where they can feel comfortable, but one that allows them to fully concentrate on their tasks and homework. They should be surrounded by their study materials and have their computer at hand, since a lot of their homework is done online nowadays. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on them while on their computer, just in case they log into one of their social network accounts or start playing computer games.

3. Form a study support system

Whether your child needs help with their curriculum, or they simply enjoy studying more when there’s somebody else studying with them, you should encourage your child to form a study group. Your child can gather some of their classmates and set a schedule for them to meet and work on projects and homework assignments. Cooperation and resource sharing is important and can help all the involved children, but if your child prefers an individual approach to studying, there are great ways for exchanging various resources, including WACE maths notes online. This is also a type of support system, and it can make studying easier for them, especially if they’re struggling with a certain subject and need help.

how to develop smart study habits in your children

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4. Avoid distractions

Teaching your child how to deal with distractions can improve their focus and make their study time more effective. There are things you can do to help them, even if they don’t perceive it that way. For example, make sure their desk isn’t in the same room as the TV and that you take their phone away from them while they study. If your child is bothered by the sound of their siblings playing or any sort of outside noise, it might help to get your child some headphones, or to allow them to study in their own room, where they can close the door and window to cancel the noise and concentrate better.

5. Help them think critically

Make sure your child doesn’t simply study things by heart, memorizing data they don’t even understand. Teach them how to think critically about what they’re reading and try to consider when and how they can apply it in real life. They need to be aware of what they’re supposed to learn from their assignments and homework. Once your child realizes what they’re supposed to learn from a project, ask them to explain how they reached the correct answer. When your child asks you a question about their homework, instead of giving them a complete answer, ask them questions about their opinion and how they would solve the problem in question or to predict what will happen next. If you see your child can’t answer the questions, help them, but do it by saying out loud the string of thoughts in your head, so that your child can observe you think critically and learn from that.

Once your child develops smart study habits, with your help, studying and learning will be easier and more enjoyable for them. It will give them more independence and self-esteem, allowing them to do their best at school.

Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. She enjoys life to the fullest in the healthiest way possible and loves to share her insights into lifestyle, parenting, education, and entrepreneurship. Feel free to reach her on Facebook and Twitter.

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