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10+ Resources that Will Make Your Blog a Success

How to Start a Blog

Have you been thinking about starting a blog? Have you started a blog, but find yourself overwhelmed with how to grow your audience and make money? These resources are exactly what you need to make your blog a success!

10+ Resources that Will Make Your Blog a Success

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Blog Resources

These resources have made a tremendous impact on my blogging experience. I hope you will find them helpful as well!

Powerful Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Siteground is my top choice for web hosting. They offer great site speed, dependable and knowledgeable support, and you can get started for only $3.95 per month! I recently switched to Siteground, and I couldn’t be happier! With Siteground, you get:

  • Much less users hosted on a server
  • More and guaranteed server resources
  • Enhanced website speed and high traffic load balance

Learn more here.

Bluehost is another affordable choice for web hosting, and you can start for only $3.95 per month!  By using Bluehost, you get:

  • A FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 1-Click WordPress  Install
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Grow Your Email List with Convertkit

I love the email marketing tools offered by Convertkit. Your email list is your biggest asset. ConvertKit helps you use that list to grow your business through attractive forms, trackable data, and simple but powerful automations. Marketing automation can be hard to wrap your brain around, but with ConvertKit, it’s easy. Their automations do the tedious work for you to send well-timed and targeted content to your subscribers.

  • Forms – Easy-to-embed, customizable opt-in forms help you turn casual readers into repeat customers.
  • Reporting – Keep track of your growth with a quick look at your homepage dashboard that displays subscriber data and opt-in conversions.
  • Automations – Simple workflows with “if this, then that” style automation rules make it easy to create your own custom rules.
  • Sequences – The drag-and-drop sequence builder helps you create personalized automated emails to grow your list while scaling your business.
  • Subscribers – ConvertKit is subscriber-centric. That means you can easily organize your subscribers from one list with tags and segments.

If you are ready to get serious about email marketing, learn more about Convertkit here.

Automate Pinterest (and Instagram!) Using Tailwind

schedule your pinterest and instagram with tailwind

I have seen TREMENDOUS growth in my Pinterest traffic since I started using Tailwind. You can automate your pins to post at regular intervals, and using their smart schedule, share your pins at optimum times. Joining Tailwind tribes has also greatly increased the number of people who view my pins. In addition, I use Tailwind to plan my Instagram posts. You upload your picture, write your caption, and add your hashtags. Tailwind will give you suggested hashtags to add to your post, and using their smart schedule, automatically post at the best times to increase your reach. You can try Tailwind for free, so you have nothing to lose! Get started here.

Creative Market

High Quality Blogging Graphics

Find your perfect graphics, fonts, themes, photos and more, starting at $2! I am in LOVE with the beautiful collections you can find on Creative Market. I have used several fonts, photos, and graphics from this site, and I’ve NEVER been disappointed! And they are constantly adding new high quality products. Create your account with Creative Market today and receive 6 free goods every week!  Find your perfect images here.

Blogging Courses

The best way to make your blog a success is by taking courses from other successful, established bloggers. I have learned so much from the following courses, and I know you will too!

Blog by Number

Start a Successful Blog

The Blog by Number video course from Start a Mom Blog is designed for moms who want to start a blog. It contains step by step video tutorials that are quick and easy to follow.  The course goes through the steps from starting a blog, to choosing the right domain name, to setting up a free theme, getting traffic, to the exact steps showing you how to make money with your blog. Start from scratch and create a blog that looks professional and pretty by the end of the course.

The Blog By Number Course includes TONS of in-depth information about:

  • Setting Your Goals
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Creating Your Blog Name
  • Getting your domain, hosting, and setting up your theme
  • Brainstorming Post Ideas
  • Creating Pinnable Images
  • Getting Traffic
  • Pinterest Boards/Facebook Groups
  • Making Money
  • Time Saving Tips
  • Favorite Resources and Website Tools

This guide was vital for setting up my own blog Her detailed steps were easy to follow and made the process so much easier. And I think this course would be tremendously helpful for ANYONE starting a blog, not just moms. Sign up for this course here.

Ebook by Number

Write your own eBook

Another great course by Start a Mom Blog.  From blog to book – The Ebook by Number covers the basics of blogging, helps you build an email list, get the perfect e-book idea, write it, design it, and launch it! Additionally, the course shows you how to generate a profit from your e-book even after the launch!

Class Curriculum


  • Why a Blog is Essential
  • The Basic Steps To Starting
  • A Blog The First Month Blog Plan
  • Create Content and Grow Your Email List
  • What Makes a Great Freebie?
  • Tools to Use to Grow Your Email List
  •  What to Email to Your List and How to Nurture It


  • Listen to Your Readers 
  • Strategies to Get More Engagement from Your Readers
  • Create a Story Map
  • Finding Your Ebook Idea
  • Testing Your Ebook Idea
  • How to Set Yourself Apart


  • Create the Outline
  • How long does it take to write an e-book
  • How long should my e-book be?
  • Start Writing Your Ebook
  • Ebook Templates (Word, Google Docs, Google Slides)
  • Design Your Ebook  (Google Docs)
  • Design Your Ebook  (Microsoft Word)
  • Create a Cover Page for Your Ebook
  • Necessary Pages and Elements to Add to Your Ebook
  • Additional Ways To Make Money From Your Ebook Even After The Sale
  • How To Decide On An Ebook Headline


  • Keep Your Email List Engaged
  • Should My Sales Page be On Its Own Domain Name?
  • What Price Should I Charge for My Ebook?
  •  Key Elements to a High Converting Sales Page
  • Setup the Purchasing Platform
  •  Setup Your Email Sequence for Your Ebook


  • The Launch Plan
  • Driving Sales After the Launch
  • How Much Money Can I Expect to Make During My Launch?

I am getting ready to start my first eBook, and I purchased this course to help me through the process. You can purchase this course too right here.

More Great Courses and Resources by Start a Mom Blog

Resources for starting a blog

Suzie from Start a Mom Blog offers many other Great Courses that you can use to grow your blog, including:

  • How to Use PicMonkey (FREE Course!)
  • Income Journey eBook
  • Email Bundle
  • List by Number

Check out all of these courses here. 

Pinterest Ninja 

Pinterest Strategies to Grow Your Audience

Everything you need to know about Pinterest in one affordable course! Here is a breakdown of what you will learn:

  • How to Start a Blog in 15 minutes
  • Setting up Your Pinterest For Business Account
  • All About Branding
  • Incorporating Your Brand into Your Social Media Accounts
  • Creating the Perfect Pin.
  • Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Following and How To Create Your Own Profitable Facebook Group
  • The anatomy of a pin, and how to start a Pinterest group board!
  • Using Pinterest to Grow Your Email List and The In’s and Out’s of Pinterest Analytics!
  • All About Affiliate Marketing
  • Using Pinterest Group Boards to Increase Your Traffic
  • How to Create a Mini Course With  Teachable
  • Pinning Strategies and A rundown on Pinterest SEO!
  • Pinterest Metrics
    And then…… FREEBIES!

My Pinterest views have grown to over 300,000 in just a few short months of implementing the strategies in this course! And the best part, you will receive all future updates for FREE! She is continually adding to this course (I’ve received FOUR updates since purchasing), so it is a GREAT value! If you are ready to master Pinterest and start earning money, sign up here!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Want to learn how to build a six figure blog without millions of visitors or selling your soul? Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a step-by-step guide to creating and making money from your own successful affiliate marketing strategy. This course explains all of the ins and outs, so you are never left wondering where to go next when creating and implementing your affiliate marketing strategy. This course makes affiliate marketing achievable. You can see your blogging income grow from the beginning, and the information in this course will help you well into the future.

In this course there are 6 modules, over 30 lessons, several worksheets, bonuses, an extremely helpful and exclusive Facebook group, and more.  This course includes everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing, such as:

  • What affiliate marketing is and how it works
  • Why affiliate marketing is great
  • The exact steps taken to earn over $300,000 from a single blog post
  • How to pick the right affiliate products to promote
  • Required disclosures that you need to know about
  • How to increase conversions
  • The one major tool you need for affiliate marketing
  • How to build trust and not lose followers
  • Different strategies to use to promote your affiliate products
  • How to use Pinterest to succeed at affiliate marketing (yes, this includes the newest Pinterest affiliate rules!)

And much, much more!

This is the BEST affiliate marketing course you will find! I just started this course a few weeks ago. I’ve learned so much and have already starting earning some money! Ready to earn money with affiliate marketing? Sign up for the course here. 

Traffic Transformation

Explode Your Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog can be very difficult, especially when you are just starting out. Traffic Transformation is packed with actionable steps to help you grow your blogging audience exponentially. This guide includes information about:

  • Narrowing Your Blog’s Focus
  • How to Evaluate Your Content for Shareability
  • Low Payback Tasks You Can Stop Doing Right Now
  • How to Duplicate & Piggyback Blogging Successes
  • A Few Words on Thoughtful Keyword Selection
  • Social Platform Focus – Why More on Fewer Platforms = More
  • The Importance of Titles
  • Landing Pages for Related Content
  • Interlinking Secrets
  • How to Showcase Your Popular Posts
  • Making Your Navigation Bar Work for You
  • Leveraging Google+, the Not-So-Extinct Social Media Platform
  • Calculate Your Goals
  • Test New Things Constantly
  • Target Holiday Traffic
  • Writing……a LOT with a Plan
  • Learn Something New Every Day – Blogging Education + Networking
  • Optimize for Search Engines
  • Don’t Be Too Clever
  • Split Test Strategies
  • Master a Platform

There is a LOT of information here. The author Lena Gott suggests you read through it once before implementing any of the strategies (which is what I am doing now), then read it again and take notes! I can’t wait to see how the knowledge from this course impacts my blogging traffic! If you are ready to join me, get your guide here. 

Join Me on Social Media!

There is a TON of value in each and every blogging resource and tool I’ve mentioned in this post. If you’ve found this information helpful and want to make your blog a success, I do hope you will consider purchasing through my links, and please hit the share buttons! I would love to have you on my social media accounts too!  You will find daily posts on Facebook and Twitter written by me and other mamas, including encouragement for everyday, products we love, and more! Follow me on Pinterest for blogging tips and tools, productivity and time-saving posts, recipes, beautiful decor for the home, self-care ideas, learning activities for your children, fun family activities, and much, much more!  I hope you will join me!

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  1. Oh, I like the outline – I always prefer to read an outline in advance of any heavier content – thanks!
    I think ConvertKit may be my next blogging adventure.

  2. Thank you so much for this information! I’ve been loving Tailwind too! Getting a hang of using Tribes. I invested in my first course a couple of months ago and I’m working through it as we speak. 🙂

  3. I took pinterest ninja last month and it’s amazing! Such a good course, plus Megan is adorable 😀 I’d have to look at Creative Market, I’m always looking for the perfect picture!

  4. I took pinterest ninja last month and it’s amazing! Such a good course, plus Megan is adorable 😀 I’d have to look at Creative Market, I’m always looking for the perfect picture! 😀

  5. I’m really thinking about doing blogging courses. It is the one thing I’ve been nervous to do because obviously it costs, money and my blog does not yet make money. But I do think it is investing in the long term gain!

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