Back to School Productivity Tips for Parents

As a parent and a former classroom teacher, I know how overwhelming and stressful a new school year can be for everyone. It seems like summer is over in an instant and our schedules are full once again. My experience in and out of the classroom has taught me a few tricks to making the most of my summer and being prepared for the new school year. So I’m sharing my top back to school productivity tips for parents. I hope these tips are as useful to you as they have been for me!

My best back to school productivity tips for parents. Find the best deals for your back to school shopping. Create stress free school mornings by creating a morning and after school routine. Plan and prep for the week ahead. Read my post for my best back to school advice for parents. #backtoschool #goodparenting #planning

Back to School Productivity Tips for Parents

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Compare Prices for School Supplies

Shopping for school supplies can be fun. I know I always enjoyed it as a kid! It can be fun for parents too if you are armed with the right information. Once you have your child’s back to school supply list, create a plan of action for your shopping trip. Compare prices at your local stores and see where the best deals are BEFORE you shop. You can also check the prices of online stores, such as amazon, if you don’t have many local options available. Passion for Savings has done all the work for you with a list comparing prices at several stores. You can view their list here: Back to School Sales 2018

Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekends

Many states have begun offering tax-free shopping one or two weekends a year. For Ohio, it will be August 3rd – 5th. If you live in another state, find out if there is a scheduled tax-free weekend and save your shopping until then. Tax can quickly add up, so this is another way you can save on back to school clothes, shoes, and supplies! If you have smaller children not yet in school, this is also a great time to shop for their fall clothes.

Establish a Morning Routine

One of the most important back to school productivity tips for parents is establishing a morning routine. Children thrive with structure, so a morning routine is essential to stress free school days. What time do you and your kids need to wake up so you aren’t rushed? What foods/items can you prep the night before to save time? (More on this below). If you create a routine you think will work, but things don’t run smoothly once school actually starts, you might need to tweak your schedule. Through trial and error, find out what works best for you and your kids, be flexible, and offer grace when needed! (To your kids and yourself)! Once you find a plan that works, stick to it as much as possible. This will create stress free mornings (mostly) and help you and your kids have a great, productive day. I will go much more in detail about morning routines in an upcoming post, so be sure to stay up to date with my posts!

Establish an After School Routine

An afternoon routine is just as important as a morning routine for your family. Do your kids have better focus on their homework immediately after school or do they need to release some energy through play first? Do they need a snack before dinner? What time is dinner? Bedtime? What needs to be done for a successful day tomorrow? All of these are questions you should consider when creating an after school routine. No two families are the same, so no routine will be the same. A family with a stay-at-home-parent may be able to offer more structure than a family where both parents work outside of the home. If you do work, hopefully you have someone who can help start the afternoon routine you create.

Many studies have proven the need for an early bedtime, so the earlier your kids can get into bed, the better it is for their growth, focus, and overall health. I recently read this article in defense of early bedtimes, and it is a great read! Check it out if you’d like more information about kids’ development and bedtime.

Prep for the Week Ahead

One of my best back to school productivity tips for parents is to plan and prep! Sundays are a great time to do some prepping for the week ahead. Planning and prepping meals, lunches, and snacks, checking your calendar and adjusting your schedule as needed, creating your to do list, and planning daily outfits would provide a great start for the week ahead. I recommend writing out your meal plan and grocery list, and making a trip to the store prior to Sunday so you have everything you need to prep for the week. Having these things planned out ahead of time will take some of the stress out of your busy weekdays. If you need some ideas for quick, healthy, and budget friendly meals, check out my post: Quick, Easy, and Budget Friendly Meals Your Entire Family Will Love. This post offers some unique and tasty snack options you can use for school or for after school snack time: Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love.


Now that I’ve shared my top back to school tips for parents, here are some great storage solutions from Amazon you can use for storing snacks, meals, and clothes you’ve prepared for the week. I’ve also included some of my favorite planners to help you keep your schedule and to do list on track. Everything you need to make your week go smoothly. Just click on the image to view the products:

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The above products are also available in other colors. Just click on the link to see all of the options.

I hope these back to school productivity tips for parents provide the tips and resources you need to have the best school year yet!  Be sure to share this post with ALL your parent friends! If you are a teacher, or have teacher friends, I have back to school tips for them too! Please share this post with them: The Most Effective Back to School Tips for Teachers

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Have your most productive start to the new school year with my top sanity savers for parents. I've included tips for saving money on back to school shopping, creating morning and evening routines, and planning and prepping for your week ahead. Read my post for my best back to school productivity tips for parents. #backtoschool #schoolshopping #goodparenting #productivity

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