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How to Discover Your Purpose Outside of the Home

How to Discover Your Purpose Outside the Home

As mamas, we are so busy taking care of our home and family. The constant demands of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, homework, and the rest of our to do list often requires all of our energy. We pour our hearts and souls into raising our children and creating a loving home, and sometimes we forget there’s more to life than being a mom. I’m sure like me, you have dreams and goals you want to accomplish. If we aren’t careful, our long lists of things to get done overshadows our desires to be and do more, and we struggle to find balance between the two.

I ask myself often “What is my purpose?” and “Am I working toward my goals?” For a long time, I didn’t have an answer. After quitting my job and becoming a full-time mom, I found it difficult to define my purpose outside of motherhood. I didn’t have a clear direction for what was next, so I had no goals to work toward.  I felt stuck in an endless cycle of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other chores, while meeting my children’s needs.   Don’t get me wrong, I loved being home with my children full-time, but I also wanted more for my life.

How I Discovered My Purpose

The first thing I had to do, was change my perspective. The greatest purpose a mother has is raising her children. I had to remind myself that even if this was it for me, my children were my greatest purpose and number one priority. Next, I wrote down my dreams and the actions required to achieve them. Then I started completing those actions one by one, and my blog For Every Mama was born.  If you want to know how to discover your purpose beyond the home, keep reading! I’ll share with you some specific questions you can ask yourself to determine your purpose, and how to work toward making your dreams a reality!

If You Could Spend Your Time Doing Anything, What Would You Do?

Think about the things you enjoy doing most, and write them down. I’ve always enjoyed reading books, writing, teaching, and traveling. But if I could do anything, it would be to write a book.

What Are You Passionate About?

Write down the things you are passionate about. Some of my passions are writing, education, being a wife/mom, having fun with my family, raising respectful, well-rounded children, spending quality time with my children, making the most of my time, and helping and encouraging others.

What Activities Can Make You Lose Track of Time and Everything Else Around You?

I can easily lose track of time reading a good book, and writing. How about you? What activities do you get lost in? Write them down!

What Issues Are Important to You?

Being a former teacher, education is an important issue for me, and I believe we can all agree that raising children is a big issue for us mamas. What other issues are important to you?

What Natural Skills/Abilities do You Have?

We all have specific talents and abilities. My skills include a degree in education, as well as teaching experience. I also have an English minor with a strong background in writing. I am a very organized person and am task oriented. What are your special skills/abilities?

Next Steps

By answering the previous questions, my purpose became clear. After determining my purpose, my goal became to start a blog where I could use my abilities and passions for being a mom, writing and education to help others. If you are struggling with finding your purpose beyond motherhood, I challenge you to sit down and really consider your answers to these questions. Once you know your purpose, write down your goals and your steps to achieve them. If I can make my dreams a reality, then so can you!

If you found this post helpful, or you have other suggestions for finding your purpose, I’d love to hear from you! Please comment below. And if you would like a free printable of the questions above, just subscribe to my blog!

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How to Engage and Entertain Your Little Ones

How to Engage and Entertain Your Little Ones

As a mama of littles ones, it can be difficult to find activities that keep them engaged and entertained.  They get bored very easily, making it nearly impossible to keep their attention for any length of time. I’ve been there; and when you need quiet time of your own, or time to get things accomplished, it cannot be done unless your children are busy doing their own activities. The easy solution is to put them in front of a screen, but easy is not always best. I want my children to use their minds and senses to explore the world around them and to develop a love for learning in the process.

How can I Keep My Little Ones Engaged and Entertained?

Every child has different interests and preferred learning styles, even at a young age. So finding the best activities for your children might take some trial and error on your part. You can research tons of ideas on Pinterest and the web. I would also suggest planning multiple activities for the different days of the week to assist in keeping your child’s interest.

Six Ways to Help Keep Your Children Occupied

Here are 6 types of activities that I know your young children will enjoy! And if you would like a printable list of activities, be sure to subscribe to my blog below and gain access to my resource page!

Busy Bags

Busy bags are a cinch to make and can be so versatile! You can easily change out the materials to create a whole new activity. You can create busy bags for colors, shapes and patterns, letters and numbers, puzzles, fine motor practice and so much more! And they are GREAT on the go for car trips, restaurants, or any other place your child may need to be occupied. You can find TONS of ideas and free printables on Pinterest and other mom blogs. Check out the links below and never run out of ideas for your busy bags!

Best Busy Bags for Preschoolers and Toddlers – One Creative Mommy  

Over 100 Awesome Busy Bags Perfect for Toddlers and Preschoolers – B-Inspired Mama

20 Free Printable Busy Bags – Coffee Cups and Crayons

Sensory Bins

Sensory Bins are a unique way to keep little ones engaged. You can use beans, pasta, rice, oats, sand, as well as other materials, and allow your children to find little treasures. Place items such as farm animals, dinosaurs, letters, numbers, and buttons in the sensory bin for your child to discover. It is important to note that, unless you want a huge mess on your hands, you must first introduce your children to sensory bins before they can use them independently. The post Introducing toddlers to sensory bins has some great ideas on how to do this. The following links will give you some great ideas for creating your own bins.

Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids – Growing a Jeweled Rose

Alphabet Sensory Play – Pre-K Pages

Seasonal sensory tubs for every month – Nurture Store

Playdough Mats

In my experience as both a Kindergarten teacher, and a mom of two little ones, I’ve never met a child who doesn’t love to play with playdough (of course you have to remind smaller children not to eat it). It can be a great tool for learning letters, numbers, and shapes and also a fun way for kids to express their creativity and imagination.  To create your own playdough mats, find printables of letters, shapes, numbers, or other objects that interest your child, laminate them or place them in a sheet protector, and your child is free to use them again and again.  Below are some free resources you can use for making your  own.

100 Free Playdough Mats – Playdough to Plato

Fall Playdough Mats & Other Fall Activities – totschooling

Free Printable Tree Play Dough Number Mats for Counting to 10 – Life Over C’s

Painting Fun

Painting can be such a fun activity for children, and it’s great for developing their fine motor skills and teaching them about colors, lines, shapes, and other art elements. Children can experiment with their hands, different types of brushes, paper and canvases, and mixing colors. There are also some great mess free options to use for smaller children or for when you just don’t want a huge mess to clean up. If you want some unique ideas for painting activities, just click on the links below!

21 Creative Yet Easy Finger And Thumb Painting Ideas For Kids – Mom Junction

DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint – The Tiptoe Fairy

Mess Free Art: Stained Glass Window Painting – eHow Mom Blog


With the invention of sites such as Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers came thousands of printable learning activities, many of which can be accessed for free and used to assist your child in developing and growing fundamental skills.  You can find resources for every subject and grade level, including pre-k activities for toddlers. Just simply search for activities that are age appropriate for your child and print. You can find a ton of meaningful learning experiences that provide some quiet time for you, mama. Below are just a few of the resources you can access for free.

Free Home Preschool – Preschool Mom

Printable Free Matching Activities for Toddlers – the measured mom

200+ Free Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten – From ABC’s to ACTs


Crafts are another great way to keep children engaged and entertained. You can find activities that tie into fun themes, seasons and holidays, or to reinforce learning skills. They are usually very inexpensive and can often be made with materials you already have in your home. Of course crafts tend to be very messy and will require quite a cleanup afterward. You can use times such as these to have children help pick up after themselves. If you would like some ideas for creating crafts, use the links below.

18 creative paper plate crafts – Wellies and Lemonade

Easy Fall Crafts That Anyone Can Make – Happiness is Homemade

List of Christmas Crafts for Kids to Create – crafty morning

For even more ideas, be sure to subscribe and get access to my free printable HUGE List of Quiet Time Activities for Your Little Ones and check out my Pinterest Board Quiet Time Activities

I hope this list will become a go-to resource when you are in need of some activities to engage and entertain your little ones. If you have other ideas for quiet time activities, please share below! And don’t forget to connect with me on Social Media!


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