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Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Your Family

Family Christmas Traditions

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Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Your Family

This is such a magical time of year, especially if you have little ones. Their excitement is contagious and you can’t help but share in their joy. It is also the perfect time to plan some family fun. Our family loves to decorate the tree together, look at Christmas lights, watch Christmas movies and drink hot cocoa. If you are looking for some unique Christmas Traditions to enjoy with your family, keep reading!

25 Nights of Christmas Stories

This was my children’s favorite tradition last year. Beginning December 1st,  they unwrapped one Christmas themed book each night for us to read as a bed time story. The kids thought it was great because they got to open a gift each night. I thought it was great because it built up my children’s book library and was a wonderful, fairly inexpensive way to spend quality time as a family. If this is something you would like to do with your family, it’s not too late to get started! You can plan on reading a book every night for 5, 7, 10, 15, or any other number of nights you choose! And if you need to purchase some books, here are some GREAT affordable options from eBay:

15 Children’s CHRISTMAS Holiday WINTER Early Reader Book Lot Level 1 2 3 ($24.99)

Lot of 12 Merry Christmas children’s Books Winter Snow Santa Claus child kids (16.99)

15 Children Winter Christmas Picture Books Lot Teacher Read Snowman Sled Early (15.29)

The last book for Christmas Day was personalized for each of my kids. This is an absolutely wonderful gift that your child can treasure forever. Here are some different options if you would like to order a book for your child:

Goodnight Little Me Personalized Storybook

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name: Personalized children’s book 

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name: Personalized Children’s Book

My Very Own Trucks Personalized Book: I See Me! Book

My Very Own Fairy Tale Personalized Book: I See Me! Book

Personalized Story Picture Book for Children – A Unique Story Based on the Letters of a Child’s Name

Christmas Journal

A new tradition I am starting this year is keeping a Christmas journal. I purchased Christmas Memories: A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home by Susan Branch to help keep track of our 2017 Christmas. There are places for photographs of your family, decorations, your children’s picture with Santa, friends, and more! You can write about your family traditions, your favorite Christmas, your letters to Santa, Christmas dinner, and much more! The best part is that you can keep track of the next four years all in this journal for $10.98! I look forward to looking back and treasuring the memories written in this journal.

Donating Toys

If your children are like mine, they have SO many toys. And when new toys are received, the ones they already own seem to go unnoticed. That’s why I think it is a great idea to start the tradition of purging toys BEFORE Christmas. Have your children go through their toys and choose the ones they would like to get rid of and find a place to donate them. To get the full experience, take your kids with you when you give them away. I also like to have my children pick out toys to purchase for programs such as Operation Christmas Child, Toys for Tots, or other nonprofit organizations. It’s important that they understand that not all children are as blessed as they are and it is our Christian duty to give to those less fortunate. I hope to teach them to look to the needs of others and not just their own wants.

Candy Making

My husband and I started the tradition of making candy as gifts when we first were married. His family makes Christmas candy every year, and we adopted the tradition to share with others! We spend the day making yummy treats, put them in nice decorative tins, and give to our friends, co-workers, bosses, and other loved ones. Some of our recipes include Oreo balls, peanut butter balls, Ritz cracker sandwiches, coconut balls, and more! I will share some of our yummy recipes in a later post :).

The Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve box is another fun tradition for your family. I love this Personalized Christmas Eve Box from eBay that you can fill with your child’s favorite things for an evening of Christmas Eve fun. You can include a new set of new pajamas, a Christmas book, Christmas movie, hot chocolate, popcorn, and more! Looking for an already done for you Christmas Eve box? Here is a great option from Amazon:

 Waiting for Santa Christmas Eve Gift Set: Pajamas, DVD Movie & Family Fun

Holiday Traditions

What Christmas Traditions do you celebrate with your family? I would love to hear about them! Still searching for affordable and unique Christmas gifts? Be sure to check out my gift guide for the entire family here. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season with your family. Spend time making memories you will treasure forever.

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60 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions to Enjoy With Your Family

  1. Your children will surely have wonderful holiday memories! I used to be sure to have dollars for my kids to put in the bell ringers’ collection can. Was with my 27 year old daughter last weekend and she had money handy for the bell ringer. My heart smiles knowing that she is carrying on with the tradition.

  2. Good ideas for making memories that will last a lifetime. I did most of those with my kids while they were growing up. We especially liked preparing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. One year we got a letter from the boy that received one of our boxes and that was extra-special!

  3. We do the Christmas Eve box every year! I love the idea of donating toys too, it’s the perfect time of year to get it done, to teach your kids to give their toys that they no longer use to a kid who would truly enjoy them!

  4. I love every single tips on your article. My kids are both adults now. I wish I had done some of them when they were little. The purging and giving of toys ate a brilliant idea. Thank u for the share. Happy Holidays!!!

  5. I love the Christmas journal idea as a tradition.
    I’m super sentimental so starting one will make me really happy.
    I also love the idea of donation gifts every year for Christmas.
    We try and do it during the year but I think it would have more meaning to do it every Christmas!
    Thanks so much for the post, great ideas!

  6. We have gone through our toys and donated a bunch this year too. Love the Christmas Eve box idea! We are planning to make Christmas cards as a family to send to kids receiving treatment at St. Jude’s this year and I hope that will become a tradition for us!

  7. These are all so cute I didn’t have any Christmas traditions growing up. I plan on starting my own when I have mybown family, I especially like the reading one and Christmas Eve box.

  8. What a great post! I especially love the 22 days of Christmas books. I love Christmas books. We do 14 days of Christmas books right now, only because that is how many books we have. haha.

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