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Today I am finishing my series with Dear Self: You Have a Purpose. Part One: Dear Self You are Enough was about changing our thoughts, words, and actions to reflect how wonderful we truly are. Part Two: Dear Self You are Loved discussed how to feel well loved by yourself, and by others, because you deserve it! Part 3 Dear Self You are Beautiful was about discovering what true beauty really is and seeing that beauty within. This final Post: Dear Self You Have a Purpose is about discovering your purpose beyond motherhood.

We were ALL placed on this earth for a greater purpose than ourselves. And as mamas, we  know one of our greatest purposes in life is being a mom. We pour our hearts and souls into raising our children and creating a loving home. We are so busy looking after those we love that sometimes we forget there’s more to our life than being a mom. I’m sure like me, you have dreams and goals you want to accomplish. If we aren’t careful, our long lists of to do’s can overshadow our desires to be and do more, and we struggle to find balance between the two. In this post Dear Self: You Have a Purpose, I will discuss how I found my purpose, and how you can too!

Dear Self: You Have a Purpose

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I ask myself often “What is my purpose?” and “Am I working toward my goals?” For a long time, I didn’t have an answer. After quitting my job and becoming a full-time mom, I found it difficult to define my purpose outside of motherhood. I didn’t have a clear direction for what was next, so I had no goals to work toward. Although I loved being home with my children full-time, I also wanted more for my life.

How I Discovered My Purpose

The first thing I had to do was change my perspective. The greatest purpose a mother has is raising her children. I had to remind myself that even if this was it for me, my children were my greatest purpose and number one priority. Next, I wrote down my dreams and the actions required to achieve them. Then I started completing those actions one by one, and my blog For Every Mama was born.  Are you struggling with finding your purpose? If so, I encourage you to write down and answer the following questions:

If You Could Spend Your Time Doing Anything, What Would You Do?

Think about the things you enjoy doing most, and write them down. I’ve always enjoyed reading books, writing, teaching, and traveling. But if I could do anything, it would be to write a book.

What Are You Passionate About?

Write down the things you are passionate about. Some of my passions are writing, education, being a wife/mom, having fun with my family, raising respectful, well-rounded children, spending quality time with my children, making the most of my time, and helping and encouraging others.

What Activities Can Make You Lose Track of Time and Everything Else Around You?

I can easily lose track of time reading a good book, and writing. How about you? What activities do you get lost in? Write them down!

What Issues Are Important to You?

Being a former teacher, education is an important issue for me, and I believe we can all agree that raising children is a big issue for us mamas. What other issues are important to you?

What Natural Skills/Abilities do You Have?

We all have specific talents and abilities. My skills include a degree in education, as well as teaching experience. I also have an English minor with a strong background in writing. I am a very organized person and am task oriented. What are your special skills/abilities?

Resources for Finding Your Purpose

If you need some extra encouragement, or if you need help discovering your purpose beyond the questions above, I encourage you to check out these resources. Simply click on the images.



Next Steps

By answering the questions listed above, my purpose became clear. After determining my purpose, my goal became to start a blog where I could use my abilities and passions for being a mom, writing, and education to help others. If you are struggling with finding your purpose beyond motherhood, I challenge you to sit down and really consider your answers to these questions. Once you know your purpose, write down your goals and your steps to achieve them. If I can make my dreams a reality, then so can you! If you would like a free printable of the questions above, just subscribe to my blog!

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4 thoughts on “Dear Self: You Have a Purpose

  1. This is so true! I’ve been a stay at home mom for 2 years now and I sometimes feel like I have no life out of my home. I do run a blog and that’s what passes the time because I love writing, but I know there are other things I would do if I had a little extra time. I want to do those things with my little one, but he’s not at an age where he can reason. For example, I love photography, but I cannot go around town getting pictures with a two-year-old who doesn’t sit still! lol

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