Finding Fab-YOU-lous: A Self Help MUST Read to Have Your Best Year Yet!

Finding Fab-YOU-lous: A Self Help MUST Read to Have Your Best Year Yet!

Do you have big dreams for your life, but seem overwhelmed with how to achieve them? Have you lost your focus or your passion for living life to its fullest potential? Are you ready to rediscover your purpose and the FabYOUlousness that makes you, you? If so, reading Finding FabYOUlous: A Self-Help with Sass Guide to Finding, Celebrating, and Capitalizing on the FabYOUlousness That Makes You, You by Melissa Venable would be the perfect way to start 2018 (Christmas gift, anyone?).  It is filled with lots of great advice  on setting meaningful intentions and powerful goals!

Rediscover Who You Are

The first part of the book will help you answer the following questions: Who are you? Where are you going? What is your why? What needs to go and what needs to grow? In each chapter, you will find practical advice for rediscovering who you are. Need to find your purpose and get clear on your goals? Create a vision board. Need to stay on course? Create your values compass and strap on those hiking boots (self-discipline). Self-discipline will help you move forward when you don’t feel like it, help you eliminate distractions, and stay focused on where you want to go.

I think we can be our own best sources of inspiration. You are FabYOUlous! You have done some pretty incredible things in your life and you have overcome so much to get where you are right now. Sure-you may have a ways to go when it comes to reaching your big goals but you’ve also come a long way. Keep track of your successes on a “Ta-Da! list” and celebrate them. When things start to get hard and you begin to wonder if you’ll ever meet your goals, pull out your Ta-Da list and be reminded of just how amazing you are and how far you’ve already come. 

What is Your Why?

Once you have a better grasp on who you are and where you want to go, you must get clear on why these goals are important to you.

When you are crystal clear on exactly why your dreams and desires are so important to you, you will be exponentially more compelled to do what it takes to make them happen. You won’t let any obstacle, difficulty or challenge stand in your way. You won’t stop pushing until your FabYOUlous life vision is no longer just a vision but is instead, a wonderful reality that you are living out on a daily basis. Knowing your why will keep you from settling for anything less than what you know that you desire and deserve. 

What Needs to Go and What Needs to Grow?

What things in your life are keeping you from achieving your goals? Your thoughts, actions, and reactions all play a vital role in either moving you forward, or keeping you stuck where you are. If you want to see positive change, you must think positively, and your actions will follow.

Our thoughts and actions (or lack thereof) will either propel us closer to our FabYOUlous life destination and expand our experience of FabYOUlousness or, they will cause our experience to contract and shrink, moving us further away from our desired result. We must grasp the fact that our every choice, thought, word, behavior and action carries weight and has a direct impact upon the level of FabYOUlousness that we experience in our lives at any given moment.  

Taking Care of You

The next part of the book discusses the importance of taking care of yourself: mind, body, and spirit. Spend time doing the things you love. Find YOUR place: somewhere you can go to escape the stresses of the day and unwind. Bask in the beauty surrounding you. Ditch the drama. Practice self-care. Eat healthy, get enough water and sleep. Exercise. There are chapters discussing each of these, as well as other ways to care for ourselves. Being centered, healthy, and happy plays an important role in achieving our goals and living a FabYOUlous life.

Connecting With Others

Another important piece to living a FabYOUlous life is cultivating deep, meaningful relationships with our spouses, family, and friends. We do this through the words we speak and our actions, as well as creating our own set of standards. Spend quality time together, learn the things that are important in their worlds, have fun together. Our connections with others bring such a richness to our lives that nothing else can replicate.

Keep Moving Forward

The final chapters are quick, powerful punches of motivation and inspiration for moving toward your FabYOUlous desired destination. These chapters are so good I decided to list them all:

  • Prepare Mentally
  • Use Your Past to Fuel Your Future
  • 15 Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose
  • You Get the Life You Choose Not the Life You Want
  • Get Out of a Rut and Into a Groove
  • Gain Some Perspective
  • Get Off the Hamster Wheel
  • Cultivating Courage Even When You Think You Can’t
  • Turn Your Joker into an Ace/Make the Most of the Hand You’re Dealt
  • The Powerful of Purposeful Play

If you are ready to find your Fab-YOU-lous, you can pre-order your copy here.  The book will officially launch on November 30th. Every reader will be given access to an exclusive website where you will find additional resources to use with your book. Let’s make 2018 the best year yet!

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38 thoughts on “Finding Fab-YOU-lous: A Self Help MUST Read to Have Your Best Year Yet!

  1. As a woman in my midlife years, I think I’ve answered most of these life questions, but one thing is certain, we’re never finished learning! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is something I defiantly need in my life right now! Thank you for sharing!! With these winter evenings now upon us cosying up with this sounds bliss! xx

  3. I love this! I ordered the book actually just now! Thank you for sharing! I need to give it to someone special who is so sweet and dear to me. She needs to read this. Shes very smart but very timid and shy. she is not aware how intelligent she can be….

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