Printable Games for Your Next Road Trip

With the summer in full swing and the holidays about to end, your family might want to take the next couple of weeks to squeeze in one final, memorable road trip. We all know road trips can go from very enjoyable to extremely stressful, but the key to keeping it fun is preparation.

Printable Games for Your Next Road Trip

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Plan Ahead

Before you do anything else, figure out where the whole family wants to go and where you’ll stay. This in itself can take ages, but taking a trip to a place everyone wants to go can actually go a long way towards making sure that everyone starts the journey off in a good mood. Then, make sure you have a safety checklist, emergency contact sheet, accommodations information sheet, car preparation checklist, and road trip packing checklist. Although it might seem like you’re ready at this point, there are a few extremely important things to take care of to make your trip as fun as possible.

Family Fun 

The spirit of a family road trip comes from playing games and bonding with each other on the ride. Even if your family gets along really well, it can be difficult to pull your children away from their electronic devices. Try making a family road trip playlist or find books for them to read along the way. To help you come up with fun games to play on your trip, The Zebra has collected 30 printable road trip games that are sure to keep your kids entertained! Introducing your children to games you may have played as a child with new twists is a great way to get them interested in playing and having fun without any screens involved.

Road Trip Games and Activities

Road trip games can also be used as learning tools! These activities can help your kids improve anything from their math or geography knowledge to their puzzle-solving and critical thinking skills. Some of my favorite games that come with printables are “Road Trip Fill-In-The-Blank”, the “License Plate Game”, the “Road Trip Word Search”, and “My Cows!” You can also go with the classics like “Hangman,” “Restaurant I Spy,” and “Road Trip Bingo.” Make sure you have these printables on hand and get ready to jazz up any long drive.

During Your Trip

Before you set off on your trip, double-check that you have all your paperwork in order and are actually good to go. That said, remember not to plan too much. Let some adventures be spontaneous to retain an element of surprise along the way! A road trip that’s planned too tightly isn’t any fun, especially for children. Make sure you leave room for some exploration and don’t rush things. When you make a stop, try to find something new to look at or visit! While you’re adventuring, you may come across an interesting landmark or a cool restaurant, so keep some cash on you at all times – you don’t want to be unable to buy souvenirs to remember this road trip by. Keep this in mind while you’re packing, and pack light! It’s important to have space for the knick knacks you pick up. And of course, pack a camera along so you can take plenty of pictures.

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Summer Vacation is rapidly coming to an end. Want to make time for one more road trip? Here are some printable games for your next road trip that will make traveling with your family fun and unforgettable. #travel #roadtrip #printables

Road trips are an amazing way to spend your summer and find joy in the little things. Your family’s safety is the most important priority, but don’t forget to have fun! Road trips are made memorable by the small adventures had along the way, and make for fantastic family traditions. An enjoyable road trip not only helps the family bond, but is also a great story for your kids to tell at school, so make your next one as interesting as possible!

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