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7 Habits that Save Time and Boost Productivity

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7 Habits that Save Time and Boost Productivity

As mamas, we have so many things to juggle. From housework to homework and everything in between; it’s easy to get overwhelmed by our never-ending to do lists. Today I want to discuss 7 habits that save time and boost productivity which have helped make my days seem less daunting. You can adopt these same practices to better organize your time and get more things checked off your lists.

Wake Up Early/Begin With Quiet Time

The first thing I did to improve my productivity and make the most of my time was to start waking up earlier. This allows extra time in the morning to drink my coffee, have quiet time reading/jotting down my thoughts/praying without interruption from my children. This quiet time gives me better focus and a correct mind-set for the day ahead, instead of rushing around to get things done.

Organize Your Day for Success

During my morning quiet time, I always take a few moments to look at what needs to be done that day. I think about the amount of time it will take for each item on my to do list and schedule my day accordingly. A daily plan of action helps organize my time to efficiently complete the tasks that need to be done, and frees up time for more enjoyable activities, including fun adventures with my children.

Start With Your Most Important Tasks

Part of organizing your day for success is to begin with your most important tasks for that day. If you can get the more important tasks done first, you can then easily tackle the smaller, less pertinent chores in quick order. I don’t know about you, but I feel a greater sense of accomplishment and my stress levels lessen when I can get those big jobs out of the way. It also makes me more motivated to keep going and finish what needs to get done.

End the Day Like You Begin It

I always like to end my day with quiet time to reflect my accomplishments for that day and what I am grateful for. Keeping a positive outlook in the midst of a busy schedule is key to your success, so always strive to focus on the good things in your life. It is possible to be busy and happy at the same time! I also take time to pick up any clutter that has accumulated during the day so that I don’t begin the next day with a mess from the day before. This is also a good time to do a brain dump of anything that’s weighing on you, so that you don’t take it to bed with you.

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Make a Plan/Plan Ahead

At the end of the week, I always take time to look at my schedule for the following week and write down a general plan for each day, adding more details as other tasks pop up that need my attention. I also take time to make a meal plan so I’m not scrambling to decide what’s for lunch and dinner at the last-minute. Based on my meal plan, I can write down my grocery list, which makes my trips to the store more time efficient and less likely to forget something I need. Planning ahead can really make a difference toward saving time and being more productive.

Be Flexible

Of course the best laid out plans don’t always succeed. Things come up that are beyond your control and you must be flexible to accommodate these road blocks, because let’s face it, life is unpredictable. You get sick, your children get sick, they don’t behave (ahem) like they should, or they simply need more attention. And sometimes a plan just flat-out fails. If things aren’t going your way, take a deep breath and adjust your plan. What has to get done? What can wait until tomorrow or another day? As a very structured and organized person by nature, I can tell you I’m learning the importance of being flexible the hard way. But it does lead to a happier and more stress free life.

Write Down What Works and What Doesn’t

If you do have a plan that fails, the best thing you can do is write down what is working and what isn’t. Think about how you can do things differently next time and put your new plan into practice.

Save time and boost productivity

These 7 habits will help you become more productive and save time. My best advice…plan, plan, plan and write it down! What productivity tips and tricks do you use? Please share in the comments!

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