The Parenting Handbook: The Best Parenting Resources

Change the way you parent with these top resources

There is so much parenting information available at the tip of our fingers. I’ve rounded up the BEST resources you can find and put them here in this post. This includes blogs to follow, parenting sites to visit, and must read books.

The Parenting Handbook: The Best Parenting Resources

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Top Websites and Blogs to Follow

Here are some of the best parenting and blog sites you can view for parenting advice and resources.

For Information – This site is filled with the latest in parenting and news. You can also find great mom support, including articles discussing prenatal care and pregnancy, newborn care, baby gear, and much more! – A website all about natural family living. You can find articles about green foods, pregnancy and birth, kids, and other related topics. – The Parents Magazine website where you can find a wealth of articles, including topics such as pregnancy, birth, babies, parenting, and recipes. Sign up for their free membership and receive daily advice in your inbox. – Another website geared toward parents with topics, including fertility, pregnancy, family time, and more. – Offers information and advice for pregnancy, breastfeeding, health, nutrition and other parenting issues. – A great source for all sorts of topics. You will find articles about everything from parenting, cooking, and the home to career, relationships, and fitness. – Down to earth and witty articles all about being a mom. You will find attention grabbing titles such as New Year, New Mom (Not Really) and 5 Reasons My Kindergartner Woke Me Up Today that are totally relatable to real life. – Another information hub with articles about mental health, education, beauty, what’s trending and much more!

Just For Dads – Self proclaimed old school dads who share parenthood news stories, science, studies, opinions, lists and videos from around the internet. – Another site dads will love with witty titles such as 5 Stages of Trying (Desperately) to Keep up With The Time and Will My Kid Be Sporty…or Not So Much? – Dad advice for parenting, gear, life and more. – A social media site with thousands of blogs, videos, and podcasts just for dads. (Out With The Kids) – Another great sites with articles discussing parenting, photography, travel, sports. and much more!

Parenting Books

Here are some of the best book resources that discuss the latest in parenting issues. Just click on the image to view and learn more.






I do hope these resources will help you have your best year of parenting yet! Do you have favorite resources that are not on this list? I would love for you to share them in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “The Parenting Handbook: The Best Parenting Resources

  1. Great roundup of resources, it’s espe nice too see that there are some sites created for Dads by Dads because they need a community as much as Moms. It’s also god to have resources geared towards parenting together, having multiple perspectives is always helpful!

    1. Yes I agree! It’s wonderful for dads to have resources just for them, as well as just for moms and together too. Multiple view points is very helpful because others do things differently and offer suggestions we might not think of on our own.

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